About Us

ResisTek Industrial, hereafter referred as “RESISTEK”, is a Chinese professional manufacturer of technical ceramics.

RESISTEK offers technical ceramic solutions for various industrial fields of severe abrasion, chemical corrosion, high temperature, high impact and electrical insulation. Using our core strengths of custom engineering, materials expertise, operational excellence, and rapid execution, we help our customers develop suitable solutions to RESIST tough technical challenges. We concern these problems and provide the best solutions by using advanced material and high technology to reach a goal of low cost as well as high effiency.

RESISTEK now adopts the modern advanced and cost effective material to produce state of art technical ceramic, which is usually referred to ceramics made of new material such as

alumina (Al2O3), 
zirconia (ZrO2),  
zirconia-toughened alumina,
silicon carbide (SiC),
silicon nitride (Si3N4),e.t.c.

RESISTEK is focusing on the mentioned material which shares the common characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal and shock resistance, and impact resistance and excellent electrical insulating property.